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About Environmental Test & Balance Company – Memphis TN

ETBCO office is located in Memphis, TN. ETBCO office is located in Memphis, TN.
Environmental Test and Balance (ETB) was founded in 1982 by Walter H. Green and Charles E. Fant, III. As one of the pioneers of the industry, Walt began his test and balance career in 1968 when the field of testing and balancing was in its adolescence. As a professional mechanical engineer, Chuck had a long history of mechanical system design and shared Walt’s passion for the test and balance industry.
A partnership was formed with a mutual commitment to the betterment of the industry, and most importantly, to improved HVAC performance. ETB has continued to carry forward these founding principles, and our commitment to professional independent testing and balancing, customer satisfaction, and most of all honesty and integrity, is the key to our growth and success.
Independence is the cornerstone of Environmental Test and Balance Co., LLC (ETB). Any affiliation with mechanical contractors, design engineers, or equipment manufacturers is strictly prohibited, thus enabling us to provide engineers and building owners with professional, unbiased test and balance services.
Our Services

Our commitment to professional independent testing and balancing, customer satisfaction, and most of all, honesty and integrity are the key to our growth and success.

Because AABC stands by the work of its member companies, the AABC National Performance Guaranty applies to any test and balance work performed by an AABC member.

Setting the Standard In HVAC Performance

ETB’s founders were instrumental in the growth and evolvement of the testing and balancing industry. One of many accomplishments was in 1989 when Walt and Chuck developed the testing standard for the AABC Certified Technician Program; the standard by which all technicians are still graded today. Our leadership team has continued this commitment to the industry, and to our clients, by maintaining a training program unparalleled to other firms; by continuing education programs; and by literary contributions to trade publications, including the AABC National Standards for Total System Balance, 7th Edition. Our staff has grown to include mechanical engineers, certified test and balance engineers, NSF accredited field certifiers, ACG certified commissioning authorities, and CETA registered cleanroom certification professionals.

ETB strongly believes in continuing education for our employees in order to deliver the highest quality of service. Being a member of the Associated Air Balance Council, we are held to a higher standard, by which we MUST abide, to remain a member. All field technicians have obtained the AABC Test and Balance Technicians Certification, or are participating in the certification procurement training program. ETB maintains two separate certification programs that measure and recognize the technical competence of its employees. TAB Engineer and TAB Technician Certification is contingent upon meeting established experience requirements and receiving a passing score on the respective examination. With this training and knowledge, our technicians are fully qualified to perform all testing and balancing procedures, and can handle any project, regardless of size or complexity.

Over the years, we have expanded our services to include mechanical system commissioning, life safety testing, cleanroom and lab equipment certification, and indoor air quality testing. ETB has continued to demonstrate its commitment to our industry, our clients, and to our community.


The project is done RIGHT the first time. When a system is balanced properly, the energy costs and occupant complaints are reduced significantly. Studies have shown that the mechanical contractor’s costs will also be lessened, by reducing their service calls during the warranty period.

Integrity and Honesty

Adherence to the strictest moral character to provide an unbiased and accurate account of a project’s working conditions. Our primary objective is to provide exemplary service to our clients… past, present and future.


We have provided the best services a test and balance agency can offer by following changes in technology. ETB strives to stand above all others by maintaining a progressive stance on our knowledge base; including the use of state-of-the-art instrumentation, and adherence to the latest industry standards.


Has retained AABC accreditation since 1982. ETB are pioneers in the field of Test & Balance and Commissioning… one of the nation’s first firms to attain the ACG seal.


ETB has the ability to handle projects of any size. From a small split-system furnace to a large research laboratory, we have the expertise and fortitude to handle any environment, any time.

Diversity of Services

Our vast array of services include Total System Balancing, Biological Safety Cabinet Certification, HEPA filter leak testing, Cleanroom Certifications, and HVAC Commissioning.