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HVAC Commissioning

Today’s HVAC systems must be energy efficient, satisfy stringent indoor air quality and comfort conditions, and still be constructed within budget and on-time. Since low bid construction will normally produce less than optimal quality construction, the commissioning process will reveal construction deficiencies, and allow quality to be maintained at the specified level. Additionally, building construction involves many specialized trades that often work independently of one another. Ineffective communication between the trades and design engineers will often result with installation deficiencies, improperly controlled systems, inefficient operational costs, and construction schedule delays. Commissioning is a systematic process that addresses these issues. It ensures that the required communication, coordination and verification is maintained, and that the building HVAC systems operate as intended. This process will also reduce change orders, verify proper start-up of the mechanical systems, increase equipment life, and will reduce the post-occupancy corrective work. Our commissioning procedures include Design Reviews, Start-Up Verification, Controls Verification, Functional Performance Testing, and Owner’s Training.

Stairwell Pressurization and Life Safety Testing

ETB provides stairwell pressurization testing for high rise buildings in compliance with state and local codes. In addition to airflow and pressurization measurements, our services include: fire and smoke damper testing, pressurized door tension measurements, and fire alarm interaction testing.

Additional HVAC Commissioning Services

  • Smoke Control Special Inspections
  • Recommissioning and Retro-Commissioning of existing facilities
  • HVAC Surveys
  • Laboratory ventilation systems analysis
  • Fire damper testing
  • Indoor air quality testing
  • Cleanroom and clean-zone equipment certifications

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