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Experienced HVAC techniciam checking the airflow of system performance.

HVAC Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB)

ETB continues to be the leader in the Mid-South for providing independent testing and balancing services for all types of HVAC applications including healthcare facilities, office and retail, research facilities, pharmaceutical cleanrooms, restaurants, and schools. The same care and attention is placed on each project regardless of size or complexity. Along with our extensive resources, AABC affiliation, trained personnel, and experience, ETB provides unparalleled service to our customers.

Air and Water Balancing

Testing, adjusting, and balancing is the systematic process of measuring, adjusting and recording the air and water flow quantities on major HVAC components, and assuring that the systems meet the design intent.

The process is typically performed on newly installed HVAC systems during the construction phase of commercial projects, but rebalancing existing facilities and HVAC surveys are common demands. Each air and water system component, including the control systems will be placed through a series of tests and verification processes to insure that the mechanical systems and building automation controls are functioning as designed and operating at their optimal performance capabilities.

Test and balance technicians must understand fan operating characteristics, the theory of fluid flow, fan and pulley laws, psychometrics, how to utilize the instruments needed to take flow and pressure readings, and how to make the necessary adjustments to the system components. As a key component to the overall success of an HVAC installation, ETB takes great pride in its procedures, care, and integrity that is placed on every project.

Our Services

Our commitment to professional independent testing and balancing, customer satisfaction, and most of all, honesty and integrity are the key to our growth and success.

Because AABC stands by the work of its member companies, the AABC National Performance Guaranty applies to any test and balance work performed by an AABC member.

Services For All Types Of HVAC Applications

Sound and Vibration Analysis

In any HVAC system, sound and vibration is an important issue to consider. Utilizing state of the art equipment and trained personnel, we strive to ensure that your system is performing at the optimal level to provide you with smooth and quiet HVAC equipment operation. Contact us for assistance with OSHA Hearing Conservation programs, sound testing and equipment vibration testing and analysis.

Ultrasonic Water Flow Testing

Instantaneous water flow readings can be taken on hydronic systems utilizing a non-invasive clamp-on meter. The ultrasonic flow meter utilizes ultrasonic sound waves to determine the flow rate at a high degree of accuracy and can be used for in-place mechanical flow meter calibration, determining total water flow usage, energy usage, leak detection, or testing and balancing where conventional devices such as circuit setters are not installed.

Duct Leakage Testing

Duct pressure testing is an extremely important construction process that is often overlooked or omitted due to budget constraints. The minimal costs of the actual testing can be easily recovered by the increased energy savings. Design engineers will typically specify this testing to determine the integrity of the sealing procedures, as well as, increase the system performance and indoor air quality. All duct leakage tests are performed by proficient and trained technicians, and in compliance with SMACNA and AABC National Standards.

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Testing

All ventilation and smoke capture testing is performed in accordance to the latest ASHRAE, NFPA and AABC standards. Proper hood exhaust testing and balancing is vital for proper smoke removal, fire prevention, indoor air quality, building pressurization, and compliance with state and local codes. Kitchen hoods used for grease and smoke removal should always be tested and balanced by a trained and experienced TAB technician. Properly adjusting these systems are vital to the overall performance of the HVAC systems throughout the facility, not just the kitchen area. Improperly balanced kitchen hood systems are the number one service call we receive during harsh summer and winter conditions when the imbalance is most noticeable. It is extremely important to have the systems balanced correctly upon installation.

Additional Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing Services

  • HVAC Surveys
  • AHU Casement Leakage Testing
  • Certified Cooling Tower Testing
  • Domestic Water Balancing
  • Laboratory Ventilation System Balancing
  • Stairwell Pressurization Testing