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Certification – IAQ Testing

With a combination of the latest instrumentation, our sizable resources, and continuing education, we are committed to serving our customers with a high degree of integrity and professionalism.

ETB provides an array of services, including cleanroom certifications, equipment calibrations, and validation of laboratory equipment. We are committed to serving our clients with accurate test results and detailed certified reports.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

ETB offers an array of indoor air quality tests, utilizing state-of-the-art instrumentation, and partnering with certified industrial hygienists and accredited laboratories that are the best in the business. Testing and analysis for mold, formaldehyde, bacteria, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ozone, and radon are just a sample of the numerous tests that we provide to ensure that occupants are receiving the best indoor air quality possible. Please contact us for a detailed list of services.

Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) Certification

All BSC certifications are performed by NSF Accredited Field Certifiers in compliance with NSF/ANSI Standard 49 and the manufacturer’s specifications. ETB provides complete certification, repair, HEPA filter replacement, installation, and decontamination services. In addition to the routine certification, our technicians and certifiers have the knowledge and accreditations to handle any project. ETB is proud service and warranty repair provider for most BSC manufacturers, including Baker, NuAire and Thermo-Fisher.

Laminar Flow Clean Bench – Testing and Certification

All sterile workstations are tested and certified in accordance with the latest IEST recommended practices. Typically, all clean bench, isolators, and glove boxes are tested and certified semi-annually while testing the entire cleanroom. Recognizing USP-797, all sterile compounding Pharmacy cleanrooms and devices should also be recertified semi-annually.

Cleanroom Testing and Certification

ETB offers cleanroom testing and certification for pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and biotechnology facilities. Cleanroom testing consists of many variables, including HEPA filter integrity testing, airborne particle counting, airflow and room pressurization testing, and microbial viable sampling. We provide an array of services to meet all of your certification needs, and all testing is performed in compliance with the latest ISO and IEST standards. Continuing education and training remains at the forefront, and our mission is to provide our clients and community with the highest level of quality and workmanship. In addition to other trade organizations, we are proud members of Controlled Environment Testing Association (CETA), and hold certifications as Registered Cleanroom Certification Professionals.

Fume Hood Testing and Certification

All chemical fume hood testing and certifications are performed in compliance with ANSI/AIHA Z9.5 and ANSI/ASHRAE 110 recommended practices. Fume hood certifications should be performed at least annually, and are the most crucial device in the laboratory for personnel protection. It is extremely important that these devices are adjusted to the proper airflow rates, and the functional testing is performed by a knowledgeable technician. Please contact us for assistance with testing, certification, and safe lab practice consulting.

Healthcare Facility HVAC Testing

Along with new construction TAB projects, annual and semiannual HVAC testing has become an important component for many testing and balancing firms. Over the last 25 years, we have seen the routine testing requirements increase considerably due to improved infection control measures in the healthcare industry. When testing these existing facilities, a clear understanding of the owner’s ventilation requirements is vital. The facility managers and infection control departments will use this data as a record for actual conditions of the critical spaces within the hospital, and in most cases, will present the TAB report to their governing body and/or the accreditation organization such as the Joint Commission.

Analytical Balances & Precision Scales

Analytical scales are used for precise weight measurement where the slightest changes in weight can affect an experiment. All balances and scales are tested and calibrated using traceable and calibrated references. Test procedures conform to the manufacturer’s specifications and industry standards such as ASTM and OIML.
Our Services

Our commitment to professional independent testing and balancing, customer satisfaction, and most of all, honesty and integrity are the key to our growth and success.

Because AABC stands by the work of its member companies, the AABC National Performance Guaranty applies to any test and balance work performed by an AABC member.

Additional Certification Services

  • HEPA Filter leak installation and testing
  • Barrier Isolator/Glove Box certification
  • Centrifuge – repair, testing and certification
  • Incubator – repair, testing and certification
  • Light intensity testing
  • Sound and Vibration testing
  • Refrigeration and -80 freezer validations
  • USP-797 and 800 Compliance Testing