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Environmental Test and Balance services
Memphis & MidSouth Area

ETB has the ability to handle projects of any size. From a small split-system furnace to a large research laboratory, we have the expertise and fortitude to handle any environment, any time.

Testing, Adjusting and Balancing

Testing, Adjusting
and Balancing

ETB continues to be the leader in the Mid-South for providing independent testing and balancing services such as indoor air quality testing (IAQ), air and water balancing, sound and vibration analysis, and more...
Certification - IAQ Testing

Certification -
IAQ Testing

ETB provides an array of services, including cleanroom certification, indoor air quality (IAQ), equipment calibrations, validation of laboratory equipment, and biological safety cabinet (BSC) certification...
HVAC Commissioning


Our commissioning procedures include design reviews, start-up verification, controls verification, functional performance testing, owner’s training, and smoke control special inspections...

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ETB believes in abiding to a higher standard, delivering the highest quality in testing and balancing.